redirections dont work

i didnt found nothing about this in the forum so i ask, i have change the redirections on the settings of the social login plugin page but all my users keep redirected to "my-profile" page, i just want to redirect them to the homepage. doing it by the settings doesnt seem to work. please advice, is there any code i can force the redirection?


  • Hi,
    The redirection in Settings has less priority than other redirection mechanism, so may not work in your case.
    Try this code in the functions.php (Theme functions):function going_home ($redirect_to, $user_data) { return home_url(); } add_filter ('oa_social_login_filter_login_redirect_url', 'going_home', 10, 2);
    The other filter for registration is: oa_social_login_filter_registration_redirect_url.



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