Using Pro OneAll plan, Social Logins set up, now how do I "extend the structure" of my database?

This is an amazing product compared to others I have used, and I am very impressed.
I signed up for the Pro plan.
All of my social logins are set up and working with the Wordpress plugin.
I have a child theme set up and ready to enter the PHP source provided into the functions.php file.
(Referring to section 3 Actions Hooks and Filters of the Plugins Guide):
The standard WordPress database does not have the required tables/fields to store the complete user profile retrieved from the social networks. To store the full user profile you must extend the structure of your database and then use an action like this

How do I extend the structure of my database in PHP MyAdmin?
Do you have a guide for this part of the process?
Thanks in advance,

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Hi Richard,
    Yes, put the code from section 3.1 in the functions.php.
    The hook action should call the update_user_meta.
    You may want to display the data available to you, look at the arguments to the hook (log them).
    Be aware that not all items will be present in all profiles you get.



  • Hi,
    Thanks for the comments.

    Normally, calling update_user_meta will create the extra fields.

  • Do I put all of the source code from section 3 into my functions.php file of my child theme and then run update_user_meta (or does it matter)?
    Thanks again,


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