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First of all. Thank you for this great plugin. This works very well for my site.
But sadly I can't unlink my wordpress account and connect it to another user.

I log in with my wordpress account. I try to unlink. I write the username. The pluin then tells me "The social profile is already linked".
If I logout and login with my other account. I can't link my wordpress profile. It says:"The social profile is linked to another user".

I tried to logout from my site. Logout from wordpress. Login on my site with my wordpress profile.
But it then says:

You need to sign in
You need to sign in to WordPress.com to complete this process.
You should use a bookmark or type in the address to do this. This page does not contain any links, to protect you from phishing.

Hope you can help me.

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    Actually, we reproduced your error! It is an error, we'll investigate and report back here.


  • Hi,
    This is odd.
    In your user's profile, when clicking on the social network icon, does the popup window show 'unlink'.

    Also, logging in by clicking on the social network icon will recreate a linked account (either create a new one or link to an existing account, from email).
    Once you have unlinked, then to login, use the normal user-login/password fields, not the social icons! Maybe you are recreating the link by logging in via the icons?

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you for answering.

    1. Yes.
    When I log in at my site with my WP-account. I can see the "unlink account". When I press it. It wants me to log in at wordpress.com again. When I do that, it says "The social profile is already linked".

    This is what I do.


    I even tried making another user at wp.com. Pressing unlink at my site. Logging in with the new wp-username.
    Afterwards trying to link the old wp-username with my other siteuser, but it only tells me, that the wp-users is already linked.

  • It seems that my OneAll-account is linked to my first wp-account.

    But when I try to unlink it at oneall, it again only tells me to log in againand after that, it tells me the same thing: "The social profile is already linked". Tried to login with the new wp-username. Now I have 2 wp-accounts linked to my oneall-account.

    Can't unlink.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the information.
    One comment, the username to type for wordpress.com is your subdomain, if your wordpress site is mysite.wordpress.com, then you type in mysite (pics 2 and 3).
    Maybe this is preventing the unlink?
  • Hi, Frederic.

    Sadly this is also not the case. I type my username (same as the subdomain), when I try to unlink. I just didn't want to write my wp-username here. Maybe I could send you a video? A video that shows the problem.
  • Hi again, Frederic.

    I just want to know, if you are working on solving this issue? I pressed answered, so that others can see, that it is an issue. But answered does not mean that it is solved. Hope you are working on a fix. :)

    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    You are not forgotten, but we have a small list to work through :-)
    Sorry for delay.
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