Icons not appearing

Hello all, Iv been stuck for the last hour or so on this. Looked here & on the main smf support topic and still cant get it to work.

I'v got no icons appearing anywhere on my forum. registration, login & on forum profile. None appear. Im using a custom theme but even on the defualt ones, still no icons appear.

I could really use your help, Thank you..
My forum is located here > http://ultrastunting.co.uk

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  • Chris_MorrisChris_MorrisMember
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    Ok my mistake they do infact load up. for some reason it was my adblock stopping in the images from loading. any reason why it does this as i know alot of my other members also use this addon.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Glad you found it.
    Yes, this has been known to occur (adblock blocking). Maybe some users report our extension as ad to the tool.


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