Nothing Happen after Login

Hi !

I'm using Oneall on a Magento Website.

I'm wanted to login with Facebook and Google, Facebook App and Google App are created, my API configuration is Ok, and when i click on the button, I have Facebook / Google new Window "You have logged in with ..."

But after that, i'm not logged in on my website, any idea ??? I search since few hours with no result ....

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    It's a local Website actually, so i can't :(
    I already cleared the cache many times :/

    I didn't change the code of OneAll magento extension and i'm using the last version !

    EDIT : I reinstall extension and it's working ! I only had to found how to redirect on my account page now and this will be ok ! :)
  • Great. Thanks.


  • Hi,
    Could you provide us with the URL of your site?
    You can always try clearing the cache after your install.

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