Problems with Social Login...


I have a number of problems with Social Login. I hope you will be able to give me some solutions --

1. When the user Logs-in to my website with Yahoo (Oneall)) from my custom login-page and then logs-out -- he ends up in Wordpress' default login-page - NOT redirected to my homepage as desired. What can I do to re-direct him/her to my homepage - when he logs-out?

2. Same (as above) happens with Google Plus. Same question.

3. Same with Linked In. Same question.

4. Should I tick the checkbox - "Enable Callback Locking (It is recommended to enable callback locking to ensure apps cannot overwrite the callback url)" - in the settings page of my twitter app - used only to allow users to sign-in to my website?

5. I prefer to allow / afford my users as much anonymity and privacy as possible, apart from a verified or verifiable email address ONLY. But some of these Social Apps look too intrusive to me, which may drive away my potential users. For example, Twitter's app asks for the following:--

Authorize Tawhid and Associates to use your account?
Username or email

Remember me · Forgot password?

This application will be able to:

Read Tweets from your timeline.
See who you follow.

The use of the phrase "use your account" sounds too intrusive to me! And I have NO desire to read the user's Tweets or know who he follows. These are also intrusive and totally unnecessary in my website's context.

Is it possible to get rid of such phrasing and capabilities (read tweet, follow, etc)?

6. The LinkedIn app asks for --

"Tawhid & Associates Social Login would like to access some of your LinkedIn info:

Name, photo, headline, and current positions

This is too much!! I don't want so much info on the user! Can I get rid of these things somehow - apart from a verified or verifiable email address only??

7. Facebook and other apps require Profile data / picture etc on top of email address. Can I get rid of the profile in these cases?

Kind regards.


  • Hi,
    Let's go through the list:
    1, 2, 3. The plugin does not control the redirection when logging out. This is Wordpress specific.
    4. You can. But you then need to specify the full callback.
    5. This is displayed from Twitter, not from our plugin. We don't know how you could change this.
    6. You can select some permissions from the page for the social network, and from the social network app permission screen. Not everything is customisable though.
    7. Not sure what you mean. There are Wordpress hooks that let you inspect, and modify the user data before user creation, such as:
    we call one filter: apply_filters ('oa_social_login_filter_new_user_fields', $user_fields);
    we trigger one action: do_action ('oa_social_login_action_before_user_insert', $user_fields, $identity);

    Hope this helps.
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