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Is there any possibility to get the language used by user during registration on website with social plugin?

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    In your application ( Facebook settings, the 'locale' field in the Extended Profile Data should give you this information.

    Also, we've added 'Spoken languages' as an additional field you can request from your Facebook settings page.

    Finally, (just in case) you can also request specific scopes per provider via our javascript API (



  • Hi,
    Which language do you mean? The one from the social network login window (ex: Facebook's)?

  • Hi

    Every social network (at least those that I am using) have an user's language marker. Is it possible to get it by the plugin in the moment of registration/login? I want to use this info to understand what language to use for the website for user after login.

  • Hi,
    Indeed, we should be providing this information (for Facebook typically).
    We are investigating why this is not the case!
  • Thanks for the FB. That is great! But is that possible also for Google?
  • Hi,
    Yes. We'll keep you updated here (a required change should be in place shortly).
    Sorry for the repetitive changes :-)
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