Would like to customize the text-content on Facebook button


Thank you for a great plugin. Like the topic line says I would like to change the text "Facebook" to something else. Maybe "Login here" but in Swedish… Is this possible?

And is it maybe possible to create an own button and call that instead, so I can make it 100% customized.

Thank you!



  • Hi,
    By upgrading to a basic plan, you can specify your own CSS file that controls the icons.
    See app.oneall.com, Site Customisation (Branding, icons and language).

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your answer. I already have basic plan and maybe I should tell you that Im using wordpress. I mean, it's not possible to change the text in the CSS, where can I do that?

    Most of all I would like to upload a button I've created by myself. Isn't that possible?

    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    The icons are included by the CSS (background-image and background-position for each social login provider). Once you have switched to your own CSS (using the settings in app.oneall.com), you can edit it.
    Best is to start with our CSS, that you serve from your URL (for example wp-includes/css/custom.css). Then modify that local CSS to suit your needs.

    Hope this helps.
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