identity_token = connection_token?

After I connect to a social network using oneall, I get a javacsript redirect event with a user_token, and a connection object with a connection_token.
Your API documentation talks about an identity_token and I wonder if the connection_token is the identity_token?
If not, then how can I obtain the identity_token?

Also, you have code samples on the REST API for PHP and Java, however I would like to see javascript sample code also.

Best Answer

  • Hi,
    An identity token points to an identity record for the user: a social network identity for the user.
    The user may have different identities, one per social network. Querying the user token will give you the identities we know about.

    Hope this helps.


  • I figured this out. The connection_token should be sent to our own Web API and used with the API key and secret key as Basic Authorisation to GET from "" + connection_token + ".json";
    This file stream contains all of the logged in user details.
    You cannot query the ReST API from JS in the browser as you will encounter CORS errors.
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