When authenticating with Github.com no email received

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I am trying to setup Social Login on WordPress. I have setup Github.com but when I try to login in my site with my Github account I get back a box that tells me that an email could not be retrieved and that I need to enter the email manually.

That is wrong. My Github account has a verified email address. Also I have played with the Github API v3 directly and I could retrieve my email address. Why Oneall can't?


  • Actually, I need to rectify this. With neither of the Social Login providers that I use (Github, Twitter, Google) I am not receiving an email.
  • I've also tried it locally (with "fake" domain .dev) and the same. I've got to debugging and in the response from the oneall server there was no sign of email.
  • Hi,
    Just to sure: could you check the requested permissions (app.oneall.com) for these social networks?

  • Hi,

    I have checked and Github doesn't give settings for permissions on an app level (you need to send the desired permissions - scope - upon authentification) and on Twitter it's Read/Write although Read should pe enough if one doesn't want to post.
  • Google seems to work, github and twitter still don't.
  • Hi,
    Good news for Google.
    Twitter does not provide email addresses, so that is normal.
    We're looking into the Github.com case...
  • Actually, Twitter does provide email addresses if the app is whitelisted. I have submitted a request to Twitter to review my app.
  • Hi,
    The Github missing email is now fixed, and will be made available shortly.
    We will inform you here when it is in operation.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Hi,
    This should be in place now.
    Let us know if you still miss the Github email id.
  • Great. GitHub seems to be working now.


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