Deleting users in bulk on both WordPress and Oneall


Our site has around 20,000 users managed via oneall and the WordPress plugin.

I want to delete 10,000 users, I'm able to do this on the WordPress site fairly easily through PHP. what are my options to have them deleted on oneall at the same time?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    There is an API endpoint to delete a user, it requires the user's token.
    You could, for each user in WP, grab their user token, and issue the DELETE method.
    The user token can be found in the wp_usermeta WP table where meta_key is oa_social_login_user_token.

    Hope this helps.


  • Yes, that does answer the question and it's probably a good one from the looks of it.

    I don't have Curl installed on the server atm but I can sort that out then give this a test.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited January 2016
    Not sure if this is a reasonable option, but once you have code to delete a Oneall user, you could register it as a WP hook function for user deletion. Your Oneall user deletion code would then get executed each time you delete a WP user.
    OTOH, you may not want to delete the Oneall user each time, and it could be slow for 10,000 users.


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