How to get this plugin to work with Tips and Tricks WP eMember plugin.

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I have the following plugin installed on my site to hide content on pages: Tips and Tricks WPeMember Plugin but for some reason when I register using your plugin the content still remains hidden. Here are a couple of examples. When logged in through the social media plugin you get the following webpage:
All the content that is protected from the plugin is still protected. Of course it shouldn't be since the member is now logged in. Like it's not reading the way the Social Plugin Logged in or registered the user.

But when registered via the WP eMember plugin all the content is visible as seen here:

I have contacted them and they said it should work if standard registration procedures are followed. They used to work but it seems like after the latest WP update the functioning has ceased to work properly.

Thanks John


  • Hi,
    So, this incorrect behaviour was triggered with the Wordpress update?
    (the other plugin has not changed ?)
    If so, how did you update Wordpress? (to version 4.4.1?)

  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Unfortunately, the WP eMembership is freely downloadable, so we cannot test it here.
    So, it makes troubleshooting this a bit difficult.

    Do all users logging in with the Social Login fail to work with eMembership, or only new ones, ...?
    Actually, how do you create users? Apparently the eMembership has its own user registration process, so how do you use Social Login with eMembership?

    Reason is it could be related to group membership: perhaps eMembership adds users to some specific groups. It is possible to add users registered with Social Login to a specific group.

    What is strange is that you report it worked before WP update.
  • Even though it worked it wasn't a hundred percent. For example you'd have to log out and back in to get it to work again in the past. The membership plugin works where you can set it up to automatically make all new wp users an automatic level. For example I have it set up where all new members become a free member upon registration. For example whether registering on their form or yours they become a subscriber under wordpress and a member at the membership free level. I have also used the WPMUDEV membership plugin and it does the same thing as the above. All short code hidden content still remains hidden. Is there a way I can send you membership information so you may login to my site as an administrator? Thanks John
  • Hi,
    Yes, you can send me login info, via my email address (the one listed in my profile,
    We'll have a look, although we can't promise to spend too much time on your installation.
  • And what page would this be on? When I'm logged in I don't see where to find users anywhere.
  • Hi,
    Apologies for delay in posting back.
    The credentials I received did not work.
    We tested the Social Login which worked, but did not show the membership info.
    Also, the social login user did not belong to any group.
    However, registering a new account failed, the redirections do not work.

    The Social Login plugin does use the regular WP login and register features, so any hooks the membership plugin uses should be triggered. It would be useful to see how it performs that.
    The redirection errors could be part of the problem too.

    Anyway, I'd be happy to try and connect with renewed credentials to inspect the Membership code, add hooks to inspect the registration process.

    Sorry for lack of solution to your problem.
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