How can i delete some of old users who logged in using oneall social login?

My users database has grown over 190K and I need to delete old inactive users, but I cant seem to find that option.


  • Hi,
    What is your site's environment? (wordpress, drupal, ...)

  • Hi Frederic,
    Its jsp! How can we delete un-needed/test users?

  • Can you please help me out here?
  • Hi,
    Sorry about the delay.

    There is an API endpoint you can use to delete a user
    You would need to write some code to call this endpoints for your selected users.

  • Hi Fred,

    I already started to write some code to connect to the API, nevertheless I have couple questions.
    How to access the API? what is the endpoint for these resources?
    Waiting for your support.

  • Hi Samer,
    The mentioned documentation URL provides some example code in PHP (using curl).
    The key is to include the necessary parameters, typically the user token.
    You get this from earlier call to endpoint:
    Also, do not forget to include your credentials in the header of your http requests.
    There are several SDK which provide more examples, in other languages too.
    You can also use the curl command line program.

    Best would be to go through this, and post specific problems you may have.
    Hope this helps.
  • Good morning Fred,

    The export Excel sheet that you provided me is not enough for me to delete selected users as I need to call every user at a time in order to compare their credentials against my DB before I decide to delete the user! It will be 200K+ calls which shall be blocked via timeout or even one all blocking the originator requester call! In this case, we shall need the export to contain the following extra parameters:

    1. user_token
    2. created_date
    3. last_login_date
    4. total_login_count
    5. identity_provider
    6. identity_token
    7. email_id
    8. is_verified

    Please treat this at your earliest as we need to delete the users asap!
  • Hi Samer,
    This is currently being handled by email it seems.
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