Social Login Redirecting to incorrect URL + _oneall.push set_popup_usage flag is not working

Question, Im wondering why is the site redirecting to a subdomain that is not in my JS code?


JS Code:
var oa = document.createElement('script');
oa.type = 'text/javascript'; oa.async = true;
oa.src = '//'
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(oa, s)

var _oneall = _oneall || [];
_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_providers', ['facebook','google','linkedin','twitter']]);
_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_callback_uri', (window.location.href + ((window.location.href.split('?')[1] ? '&': '?') + "oa_social_login_source=widget"))]);
_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_custom_css_uri', '']);
_oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oneall_social_login_providers_9747485']);
_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_popup_usage', 'never']);

Also, the set_popup_usage flag is not working. Can you please give me assistance on how to solve all these issues?



  • Hi,
    The redirect is specified in the callback_uri JS method (set_callback_uri).
    You can change the default JS produced URL, and put what you prefer.

    Maybe you can try to call the set_popup_usage before the do_render_ui.

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited February 2016
    Hi Veronica,

    are you getting the redirection error for LinkedIn?

    _oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oneall_social_login_providers_9747485']); _oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_popup_usage', 'never']);

    The do_render_ui must be called last. Calls made after it will not be reflected as the user interface has already been rendered.
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