How to connect to Pinterest?

Hello. I am trying to install the social login connect plugin for Wordpress. When I go through the Facebook, Instagram or Google procedures everything works fine. However, on Pinterest their website tells me I 'need a collaborator to authorize the app before I can submit'. Can you explain what I am supposed to do to submit the app to Pinterest? Note that I am not a native English so simply repeating the same phrase will not help me very much, I'm afraid.

Thanks, Peter


  • Hi,
    This seems to be the process with pinterest (this is pinterest related)
    You need to add a collaborator to your app, before it can get submitted for review.
    This collaborator is someone you follow, and follows you.
    We can't provide you with detailed instructions as I manage to lock my pinterest account in the process :-(
  • Hi Frederic, Sorry to hear that. I created two new users and have follow actions to and fro but still can not use their api or submit the app for review.

    Thanks for the effort. Hopefully you can recover your account.

    Cheers, Peter
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