Sharing After Each Post Not Working?

When I tried to use the plugin, the icons would properly show up when I use "right floating (all pages)" but not for "after each post" which is where I want them. I tried to insert the script into my Editor but couldn't get it right. I was able to put the icons into my header (which I don't want), but still not after each post. I also tried inserting the script into the single post (single.php) but did that wrong since nothing showed up. Please help!


  • Hi Rachel,

    Which theme do you use and on which WordPress version ?
    I tried with several themes and it's working for me.

    You can also use shortcode for this plugin if you want :
    [oa_social_sharing_icons id="custom_html_container_id" size="btns_l"]

    The allowed buttons size are :
    - btns_s (small)
    - btns_m (medium)
    - btns_l (large)
    - count_v (vertical counter)
    - count_h (horizontal counter)

    Best regards
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