Output author/publisher OGP tags according to Member linked fb profile

Hi all!

I'm currently using LotusJeff's SocialShare to output OGP and twittercards, and obviously it cant borrow the FB user id of members registred via that social network to use with 'publisher' ogp tag, which describes the OP of said topic. Facebooksays it is a best practice, so i wonder if that tag could be output by oneall instead.

Just wondering if its possible (with minimum customization of either extensions, i dont have much knowledge about ext developement), or even more, if a full opengraph/twittercard integration, similar in funcionality with lotusjeff extension, are in your roadmap.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if i dont was clear in my words.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the information.
    Yes. We're currently developing a Oneall sharing extension for PhpBB 3.1.x.
    It might not have all the features you mention from the LotusJeff's extension, but we can look into expanding it after initial release, because they look nice.
    We plan to have an initial version in a few days.
    We'll keep you posted.
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