Can social login require user enter email if....


I am curious if the social login can do the following:

0. social login does have the thing that requires user to enter email if there is NO email address on social account; but we are wanting to take this a step further and so are checking if social login can do this...

1. the issue we are trying to correct is that users end up having multiple wordpress ids on site as each social account has different email address on it - so new id is created for all of them - so we are trying to see what social login can do to help with this issue
2. what would be ideal is #3...
3. when user registers with social account, if email address on social account matches an existing wordpress user email - then that social account is just linked to that wordpress user
3a. if social account email does not match a wordpress user (see #4)
4. we require them to enter an email address (we ignore email addresss on social account)
4a. if entered email matches an existing wp user - then we just link the social account as before
4b. if entered email address does not match an existing wp user - then we create a new wp user with the entered email that links to that social account...

Please let me know if social login has this capability... thanks!


  • Hi,
    Yes, this is possible.
    Steps 1-3 is what the plugin already does.
    Steps 4a, 4b require some customization though.
    Fortunately, there are hooks defined by the plugin to allow such customization, in the theme's functions.php (editable via the admin dashboard).
    We can give you the list of filters and actions if you wish (file wp-content/plugins/oa-social-login/filters.txt holds many).

    However, the proposed scenario is a bit risky, because step 4a would give access (via social login) to any account if you knew the email address(*). So, if you know someone's email address, you could use your social account to link to it, such that you could then log into that someone's account.

    (* there are linking constraints)

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