Can I delete wrong users in Wordpress?

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I want to know if I can delete users of my social login plugin in wordpress.

The problem is I has received a message when I try vinculate gmail and twiiter account: "This account is already used by other user". Probably because I used the plugin when my profile didn't have vinculated my current mail address... and then plugin created a new profile for that.

The old users are deleted in my user panel in wordpress, but I think aren't in Social Plugin and for this reason I receive this error alert. I want to delete them.

Thank you!

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Yes, this is what happened. To fix it:
    - login with Social Login with the social network that "is already linked to another user",
    that will recreate an account on Wordpress,
    - unlink the social network, logout,
    - from the user panel, delete that user.
    Simply deleting the Wordpress account does not delete all links between social networks and users.



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