Social Login in Mobile app using titanium framework

Hi Guys,

I am implementing social login in titanium framework(mobile) for this i am using webview with below url :
Example url :

But response which it returning is like: status{"flag":"error","code":"404","info":"we are really sorry, but the resource you are trying to access does not exist. If you are currently implementing our services, then please make sure that your callback_uri points to a file on your server and not on ours."}

Oneall accounts details for which i am woking:
Account Name : Steve Corey

Could you guys please suggest where i am doing wrong and how to resolve the issue. Any kind of help will be appreciated.



  • Hi,
    Try replacing "facebookappid" with just "facebook".

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes , I have replace the "facebookappid" with "facebook" now it says :"The mobile connector is not available in the Freemium plan. Upgrade your site to a plan that has the Advanced API to enable this feature."

    Is there a need to buy a premium plan for mobile connection ?

    Also, is there a need to create custom url scheme for callback url in titanium or something else is defined as callback url ?

  • Hi,
    Yes, indeed, it requires a paid plan.
    Hum, not sure about the scheme for titanium.



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