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We just set up OneAll for our phpBB forums. In testing it out, myself and 1 other member logged in via Twitter and accidentally made new accounts since our Twitter names differ from our forum usernames. We did not know that we had to link the accounts beforehand.

Jumping the gun a little, I deleted both of the newly made but undesired forum accounts, but then later on when I logged onto my proper admin account I could no longer link to Twitter since my account is supposedly linked to the now-deleted account.

Any chance for some help fixing this?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Yes, that is a bit of pain, because we also keep the link status.
    You need to log in again with your twitter account, recreating the account in the process, then unlink the twitter profile. That account may be deleted again.
    You should now be able to link your first account with twitter.




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