WP Widget: Not Displaying

Hello -

I'm currently working on an application and the social media buttons are not showing up for the Widget version of Social Media login. On the /wp-admin screen, they are showing up perfectly under the username/password fields (and working), but on the front-end of my site the widget only displays: "Connect with:" and nothing underneath it.

I checked the source code, and the images/links to the appropriate social media platforms aren't even in the DOM.

I checked my settings and both the Production site and Staging URLs are whitelisted on my account in OneAll.

http://wd.isitdoneyet.net --> Click on "Sign In/Sign Up" at the top for the modal box
http://wd.isitdoneyet.net/wp-admin --> To see the social media login links working

Thanks for any help you can give!


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Chris,

    I could not see the "Connect with:" title. Where exactly is it displayed?

  • Hey Claude -

    It's in the top-right corner (gray).
  • Hi Chris,
    Noticed your site now (at time of reply) uses another plugin.
    Do you still want the issue resolved?


  • Hello -

    I switched plugins yesterday because I couldn't get the widget to actually show up on the page. Thanks though!
  • Ok, thanks.
    If you do change back, we'll be happy to sort this out.



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