Facebook on the social login plugin for WordPress, can I get a user's photos and mutual friends?

I'm using Facebook only on the social login plugin for my WordPress site.

Can I use your plugin to get access to a selection of their photos and their mutual friends that are also using my site - given that I grant permission via my developer.facebook.com account?

I'm wanting to grab last 5 photos from their Facebook profile and show them a list of friend who also use my site.


  • Hi,
    You can use our plugin to access the list of friends for a user and his profile pictures, but not the uploaded photos, or photos where they appear.
    The friends can be obtained by calling an endpoint (not done in the plugin as-is, but from: docs.oneall.com/api/resources/users/read-contacts/), whereas the pictures are already downloaded at login.
    Let us know if this what you want.

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