Like/Follow Account Upon Social Login

Hello, I often had to placate my users by telling them that the message saying "can follow or share on your behalf" was not something we were going to use...but I have been thinking that following/liking my main accounts could be the "price" for creating a login for my site.

Is this possible ?


  • Hi,
    Are you asking if you can remove the permission to "follow/share on your behalf" when users login to your site?

  • Hello Fred.

    No I am asking if the permission to "follow/share on your behalf" can be used to do exactly what it says at sign/up or login to ensure users are following me on twitter or liking my FB page.
  • Hi Andrea,
    Ah ok, that makes sense (misunderstood the "price" part of your question :-)
    That is not currently possible. But, here are some options:
    - publish a post on behalf of the user
    - and with more features
    - use the Oneall social data collected from the social network (an access token), and call the social network API directly to follow/like. This will be specific to each social network.

  • Thanks Fred, do you have any idea who I could talk to about using the OneAll social data to all the social network API directly to follow/like ?

    Not sure where to look
  • You're welcome. Do you mean who you could contact to have this developed into your site?
  • Yes, if you have any idea that would be helpful as I am not even sure exactly what to ask or post on a freelance website like peopleperhour or fiverr


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