To remove login blank page


When we click on social login button, one window get open and initially it shows only blank page till loading linkedin login page.
Can I modify this one ?
Or please tell me an efficient way using which I can avoid this blank screen.
Is there any setting in OneAll.....I have Bronze Plan.
Please update me ASAP!


  • Is there any suggestion !!!
  • Support, Can we please get an answer to the question above.
  • More information....
    Our users are complaining about seeing this blank window with the header that says "about:blank" when they click on the social login button (the very bottom of the blank window says waiting... as it negotiating the connection). They think there is some sort of error. Is this a bug or known issue? Can it be remedied? Instead of a blank screen, can it say "Authenticating..."? Can "about:blank" also be changed to say "Connecting"

    How can we avoid this blank window?
  • Hi,
    You are referring to the pop-up window, which shows about:blank and is empty, before the social network login form is loaded?
    On other words: the popup does show the social network login form, but before that there is an about:blank page displayed for some time, which is confusing the users?
    Is this what you are referring to?



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