Post with Images and Videos


Please let me know how to share images and videos using social sharing API's. I tried to post on Facebook but did not see any option to attach the images or video's. We're using below code snippets to publish content. Also tried with 'SharingPublishMessage' to share published content. And post is made successfully but images and video are not visible in posted message.

PostMessage strMessage = new PostMessage()
Parts = new MessageParts()
Text = new MessageText() { Body = _strDescription },
Video = new MessageVideo() { Url = new Uri("") },
Picture = new MessagePicture() { Url = new Uri("") },
Link = new MessageLink()
Url = new System.Uri(""),
Name = _strPostTitle,
Description = _strDescription,
Caption = "Demand Engine"
Providers = { strProvider }

Response response = OneAllAPI.Default.UserPublishContent(userToken, strMessage);

See How it looks on Facebook -



  • Hi,
    The REST API takes a string for the video part of the message.
    What is the library you are using, and does it send a text value?



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