Existing User using oneall regested to register

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Existing user on my site that try to log in get taken to the registration page the first time they try to use OneAll, and can't register as they are existing users with the same email address as the one on FB or google


  • Hi,
    We'll look into this. Which version of Drupal, and of the plugin are you using?
    Normally, in this case, the user needs to log in via his regular account credentials, then link his account to a social network profile. He should then be be able to login with Social Login.

  • I am looking at migrating my active user base of 30000 users. Trying to get them to link would be a nightmare, half of them can't get a password rest to work with out phoning support :(

    Hoping to more to Drupal 8.
  • Migrating from wordpress to drupal 8. I want to use it on the Drupal 8 site.

    the challenge is existing users with the same email on both the social media and Drupal 8
  • Hum. One thing we can do is to add the feature to automatically match social login users with a existing users with same email address. This is not part of the plugin right now, and will take a bit of time to be added.

  • Was think through this. If any of the services lets you sign up and into an account with out verifying your email address, even for a short period. Some one could hijack your account on may server (for instance) but creating a temporary account and then login into my server.

    I can create a login screen that lets you link your account, or limit it to only logging in with trusted services, e.g. Facebook or google where email verification is required before you can login to other services.

    But would be an awesome feature to add if you could.
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Alastair, have the users that you want to migrate from WordPress to Drupal already login in with OneAll Social Login to WordPress? In this case you only need to migrate the user_tokens from WordPress to Drupal. We can give you a helping hand with this process.
  • No unfortunately not :/


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