pluging doesn't work on my joomla installation

Hallo everybody, i m testing your module in my website,
i m using joomla 2.5, but something is not working correctly, in fact as soon as i log in using the g+ button ( it is the only one configured right now), it authenticate myself on g+, and also create the new user in the joomla db, but then something goes wrong and some strange redirect issue start to happen and as result blank page whit error http 500 appear, and after i reload it still not logged in..
and in the dashoboard of oneall it result as i m logged in, while in fact it result as not logged in..
you can see it here
in order to test it in a better way i also test on local version of the site ( i was worry about the :800 on the url) under localhost,but again some prob arise,
i looked at the apache logs but nothing appear,
in the localhost installation ( a perfect copy of the web site), after the first test, i make the web site from multilanguage to single language but again no luck.
Any ideas??


  • Hi,
    Which redirection settings did you set in the Social Login extension?
    Do you have any special redirection settings, or additional extensions? (so we can try to reproduce your error)
    Which version of Joomla 2.5 are you using?



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