Not sure if Zencart version error or Facebook

I have the social log in working for Facebook and Google on my site.
It works on desktop but is hit and miss on a mobile.
In my Facebook app (advanced) it says the "Client OAuth login is enabled but you haven't listed any valid OAuth redirect URIs. Click here for more information."
Im running version 1.5.5 on Zencart.
It was working fine yesterday.

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  • Ken_GambleKen_GambleMember
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    I think the install I am using isnt quite Compatable with the Zencart version I am using. The blog is still under the same domain but uses wordpress. A very kind chap from here is going to create an updated version and i shall try installing that instead.
    Thanks for your input and i shall hopefully get sorted soon.


  • Hi,
    There is no trace of the social icons on the login page (maybe disabled?).
    On a mobile, is it only Facebook that is causing occasional problems?
    If so, try setting on the valid Oauth redirect URL.

  • Yes sorry I removed it from the shop.
    I have installed it into my BLOG - and it is working fine there both on desktop and mobile.

    In the facebook app there is an error message
    Client OAuth login is enabled but you haven't listed any valid OAuth redirect URIs. Click here for more information.
    No idea where I change this setting
  • Hi,
    You can change this setting in, Products: Facebook Login, then there is a setting with that name (Valid OAuth redirect URI).
    Also, what else is checked on this page (Facebook Login)?

    Hope this helps.
  • There is no setting for this in the Developers Facebook Page.
    I will take a screen shot
  • OK I have found that on the left menu there is an add product section so have added product Facebook Login and the ClientOauth and Web Oauth Login settings are there.
    I have enabled them both and set the valid Oauth redirect to AND
    The log in seems to now work (Except that you dont LOG in) - both with Google and Facebook
  • Ken_GambleKen_GambleMember
    edited August 2016
    Just as further feedback, it does work on my Blog (under the same domain using wordpress) see link above.
    I have left the login buttons on the main website now for you to take a look at.
    They are at the bottom of the left column on
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited August 2016
    Thanks. Indeed, the login/registration process does not complete.

    Do you have any logs in your Zencart folder (in the logs directory)?
    Also, is there any specific extension you are using in your installation (specifically, some that relate to redirection, login, ...)

  • Notice that removing cookies from the web site before attempting to login actually returns a blank page.
    This suggests a PHP error.
    Usually, this will log something.

    When this fails, but another login attempt is made, then the redirect to the homepage occurs.
    But, more importantly, there are Wordpress cookies set: I get logged in the INFO Wordpress site.
    I think there is some interference between the 2 sites.

    Hope this helps.
  • Just for clarity, the "Very kind chap" I am referring to is Claude from


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