İ can't see social login buttons on my page

Hi i have a problem with opencart module.
1- i upload all files in ftp directory
2- in opencart user groups i give writing and change permission
3- i installed oneall social login modul.
4- i create oneall account
*Allowed Domains - filled
*Basic setting - filled
5-in Opencart i fill the form oneall
* Subdomain
*Public Key
*Private Key
*API Endpoint ( i checked it in api page, it is ok)
6-Auto Detects Comm Settings Green
7-Verify Api setting Green
8-Layout Position page - ( i add Layout-Home Position-Content Top Sort - 1

i can see the social login buttons in my home page and i tryed to add other pages bu i can't see anything.
What is the problem, i can't find?
Thank you

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