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Switching between FB accounts, FB & Buddypress Avatars

Hello everyone. I noticed a strange bug but not sure if that's it or not. First of all, the website uses Buddypress for online discussions and the members upload their own avatars but the website owner wishes that the members use FB profile pictures instead if possible for identification purposes.

I've installed Social Login initially with success and linked to OA account and FB app as instructed. Under my WP account, there was a default avatar (mystery man was the default for anyone who doesn't have an avatar either from Gravatar or Buddypress). Then I tested by linking one of my FB accounts in my WP profile page. When it connected successfully, the mystery man default avatar was replaced by my FB profile picture which is nice and what am looking for. Then I unlinked my FB account and was successful. The strange thing my FB avatar did not revert to mystery man avatar at all and still remains after unlinking my FB account. How do I prevent this from happening? The whole point of Social Login is to automatically link the members' WP accounts with their own FB accounts and replacing their whatever avatars were to display their current FB profile pictures. Then I did another test...I tried to link to a different FB account again to my WP account and then this different FB profile picture did NOT replace the original FB profile picture at all. It won't remove or be replaced by new FB profile picture. How can this be resolved? Need this to work asap for members to use this feature. Your help is appreciated!



  • Hello,

    thank you for the bug report, we will have a look at it!
    I will keep you updated.

  • Hello, I just installed social login and have the same issue as described above. once i disconnected the facebook account i can not get the facebook picture to remove even when i change the avatar in wordpress. the facebook picture is locked as long as i have social login activated. Please help as i can not leave it like this or i will need to look for another solution.
  • We have fixed this error in the latest version of the plugin (5.3). Unlinking a social network account will now also remove the social network avatar.
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