How to get Custom Profile Fields to work and have OneAll plugin save retrieved Steam info in them?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have recently installed the OneAll plugin on my phpbb 3.2 forum. Users can now register and log-in using Steam, but I encountered several problems:
1. Users registered with the OneAll social plugin, in my case using Steam login, don't have acces to custom profile fields defined in phpBB.

2. I don't seem to have an option to choose where OneAll saves the data it retrieves from Steam. I want the steam data to be added to the forum accounts and give the user the option to change the forum username to something he/she wants.

Ideally it would work like this:
2.1 The Users logs in using Steam and Steam data is retrieved.
2.2 The Users gets to a page (form) where certain profile fields (some prefilled) can be edited, like Forum Name, E-mail (if missing), birthday (if missing) and Custom Profile Fields defined in phpBB.
2.3 The User confirms the form and now a forum account is created with a working link (saved in custom steam profile field) to the steam account the user used.
2.4 The user can now log in to this forum account using Steam login.

Is the proces I described above already possible or does this require changes to OneAll?

I am looking forward to your reply. Getting this to work would be a game-changer for my forum community!

Best regards,

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