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Icons not showing up

Hi all :)

I have installed "Social Login OpenCart 2.3.x" as I am using OpenCart
I have created my account and followed the procedure.
Then did the configuration in OpenCart (communication settings and API settings are green).
I have selected the icons I would like to have, and configured a layout for testing.
But I cannot see any icons :(

Maybe it's a stupid question and I forgot something...

Any idea ?


Best Answer

  • Hello,

    forget my message.
    I have started over from scratch and it works.
    Seems that I forgot something the first time.



  • Hi Arnaud,

    could you please post a link to your shop?
    We will have a look.

  • Hello Claude,

    sure :)

    I have set it up so far to appear on the "home" page, column left.
    I have made some tests with other modules, and they appear correctly, like the "featured" that is currently displayed on the left side.

    I have also checked that the module is enabled.
    Maybe it's me that have forgotten something, but I don't find what :(

    Thanks for your help

  • hai , so do i

    in my form register i dont see that icon
    what should i do ?
    please help
  • Hi Retno,

    please open a new discussion for your issue and also give us a link to your website.

    Best Regards,
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