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Hi OneAll,

I just create free account on your web it is:

I want to create user via REST API, i used follow POST call URL from my desktop application:

with follow structure:

{ "user":{ "externalid":"", "identity":{ "gender":"Male", "identity_token":456789, "name":{ "familyName":"TestFamilyName", "givenName":"TestName" } }, "login":"test", "password":123456 } }

I received follow response error string:

Error reply: "Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden"

So i have follow question:

1. Does i make correct POST call for creation user, if not please give me help how should looks like?
2. Why i can't see/open "User Explorer" section and to see users, does i need to buy some licence/upgrade on my account in order to be able to see users and to create new users via REST API from my desktop application?


For authentication i used GET call with structure:

Header: Authorization Basic [ Key removed for security reasons ]


I received follow reply for authentication:
{ "response":{ "request":{ "date":"Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:06:56 +0200", "resource":"\\/connections.json", "status":{ "flag":"success", "code":200, "info":"Your request has been processed successfully" } }, "result":{ "data":{ "connections":{ "pagination":{ "current_page":1, "total_pages":1, "entries_per_page":250, "total_entries":0, "order":{ "field":"date_creation", "direction":"asc" } }, "count":0, "entries":[ ] } } } } }

Thanks in advance,

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    the cloud storage is unfortunately not available in our free plan, this is why you are getting the error.

    You need at least a Silver plan to be able to use it:

    The Silver plan also includes the User Explorer ;)

    We can provide you a free trial of this plan if you want.
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    Hi Claude,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes please can you provide me free trial of this plan, and also inform me when it is provided.

    Best Regards,
    Time Markov
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