Undo the token register when user creation canceled on own site.


Have been searching for the better part of the day for this.

I'm using Oneall to login & create users on my site.

Right now if a first time visitor tries to login the visitor do not have a user in my system yet, so they get sent to my registrations page.

Suddenly the visitor changed his mind for example due to my terms of service, to not create a user, now i have permissions and hes token on my Oneall sub-domain.

What i want is when they visitor cancels the user creation on my page that hes token and the permit for me to disappear form the Oneall sub-domain.

the problem is also in case a existing user accidentally logs in on a social media the person did not have linked to a existing account in my database, then cancled the create new user from, for then log on to the right social account to link the network he dint, suddenly he cant due to the token for that network is already in use.

TLTR: Undo Token on Oneall Sub-domain, when user cancels user creation on own site Help!!!.


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