Limit exceeded. What can i do?

Hello, i run a Simple Machines forum for dedicated (nostalgic) players of a certain old video game that is no longer sold, and i've been using OneAll on the site for around 2 years and it's been great. However i recently received an email saying we've exceeded a limit of 2500 users.

I'm using the turnkey SMF plugin, and there was no mention of a limit on the SMF mod page when i started using it.

My site is a free site, and my fellow admins and mods (as well as the original developers of the game) have a strict policy of no money being involved in any way. That means no advertising on the site, no donations accepted, and no paid services being used. Even the VPS the site lives on is one that i had previously owned for the last decade where i host other personal sites, so no new money was spent to host the site, in order to adhere to the no money policy.

In this question ( Claude_Schlesser says it's 2500 users per year, but we've only had a small handfull of users use it to register in 2017, so is it actually overall total of all years? If it was per year we'd probably have no problem.

Since upgrading to a paid plan is out of the question, i'm not sure what to do to continue allowing social login, or at least prevent loosing users. If i disable the plugin, i assume existing users won't be able to log in. If i keep it, i expect new users will be rejected, or see some kind of error. I thought maybe i could remove users that haven't logged in in ages and never made a post, to free up room for more users, but i can't find any way to do that, and that would only be a temporary solution. And i don't see any way to allow login, but disable new OneAll registrations.

I saw that there's a non-profit option. However, we're not an actual registered NPO, but there is literally zero money involved. We have non-profit licenses for some other services, like teamspeak, even though we're not a registered NPO. Could this be an option for my site?

I don't know how else i could deal with this problem. I love the service, but i could do without it if necessary, i just don't want to loose existing users. If people come back and find they can't login to their existing OneAll-created accounts, there's a good chance they won't bother making a traditional account, and we'll never see them again.

There are individual plugins on the mod site for facebook and google, but if i use those instead, i assume the accounts created by OneAll will be incompatible. Then i'd need to have both services show up on the login page, with a message like, "if you created your account before xxxx date, use this, if you're new, use this"...
That will be confusing and problematic.

Obviously the best options would be a non-profit license, or if it was really 2500 users per year, and not total for all time. But i don't know if either of those are available to me.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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