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Redirect with product IN cart [OneAll Magento, empty cart, redirect from checkout]

edited June 2017 in Magento
Problem 1:
1) user adds an item to cart, proceed to checkout
2) on the CHECKOUT page "create new account" using one-all
3) redirected to My Dashboard -- (should redirect to checkout)
4) shopping cart is empty -- (should not be empty)

Problem 2:
1) user creates new account, log out, return to site hour later
2) add item into cart, on the CHECKOUT page "log in" using one-all
3) again redirected to My Dashboard -- (should redirect to checkout where logged in at)
4) also shopping cart is empty -- (should have same item added before login occurred)

Is there an option within OneAll or Magento-OneAll settings that can handle this?
If not, can we add a JS PARAM to the oneAll script to control this on a case by case basis?
PS: we are very comfortable modifying the PHP and JS for this plugin in Magento

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


  • edited June 2017
    Update: We were able to resolve the issue by adding Header redirects

    Dev notes:
    By using these items together:

    One needs to modify

    adding PHP detection to check for:
    - if user has cart items, store them in cookie
    - if user creates NEW account, restore cart
    - if user logs IN with existing account, merge cart (prevent duplicates)
    - properly redirect user to account, checkout, onestepcheckout, or cart

    Note: we discovered part of this issue was because we were using a customised 'onestepcheckout' module and OneAll module needed to be updated to understand the user flow.

    "Technically" this issue has been resolved.
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