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Email Registration Not Working Properly

Hello, I'm having an issue when users try to register with their email. After registering, the login box says to check their email. The email that is sent contains a link which sends the user back to the login screen but doesn't log the user in. Because the user has not been sent their password, there's not much for them to do except click on "Lost Password?". This link sends them another email with another link that doesn't work - it just sends the user back to the login screen. Please help, it's really frustrating for new users. Thanks so much!


  • Hello,

    our plugin is limited to the Social Login part. If you have any issues while logging in with a social network, then we are there to assist you ;)

    The registration and/or login with a username/password or the password retrieval process are standard WordPress features. If they do not work correctly, then you need to check your WordPress setup. I'm unfortunately not able to give you more details as these features are not part of our services.

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