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Able to login only via Facebook


One of our users reported that he can only sign on using his Facebook account. That is how he originally registered. Is this a feature of OneAll or a bug?

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    Hi Mika,

    I now registered on your Forum using Google. Then I used the "Password Lost" feature in order to receive a new password. Then I logged in using my username/password and it worked.

    It is possible that your users tries to login using his Facebook username and password? This will not work. For security reasons neither OneAll nor your forum have access to the users' social network passwords.

    When a user logs in using a social network account, the plugin generates a random password. This password is normally not needed as the user logs in using his social network account. If the user nevertheless wants to login using a username/password combination he needs to use the "Password Lost" feature in order to receive a new password.


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