Password Reset Problem


When users who have created accounts using OneAll elect for a "password Reset" they get nothing. No email, no reset, no password. This is of course the nature of the system as there often is no email/password to send to someone especially if they kept their email private on facebook, or, only their profile@facebook email is available for OneAll to access...

As such, please consider the following:

what can we do now to correct this problem? Is there a solution in place?

Feature Request:
Robust handling of the password reset system via the OneAll MAGENTO plugin.
1- When a user hits the password reset screen there should be a way to add a message reminding them to check if they used OneAll to create the account
2- If a user resets a password via an email that was associated with OneAll a message should appear that states "this email is associated with a social media login, please use your [account type] to login as there is no password to reset"
3- Allow users to add emails and passwords which are also associated with the OneAll account they have on file.
4- Most Importantly! => Allow users to MERGE accounts across multiple logins including Google, Facebook, Twitter and even their normal logins. Ideally this would be accomplished by a "merge account" menu item where as once a user is logged in, either by normal account, email, or OneAll they can merge their accounts by logging in AGAIN and associating multiple emails and social media accounts into ONE account.

Note: we have found users often forget if they used Google, Facebook or Twitter, they then end up with multiple accounts, the Merge Feature is in use on several sites and OneAll users and webmasters would greatly benefit from this as right now it is a problem for both maintenance and end users.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Vincent,

    thank you very much for the great suggestions! You are absolutely right about the "Password Reset" feature and this is definitely something that we would like to improve in one of the next version. Your suggestions will be of great help!

    Thank you!


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