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I just setup a new test account to try the new Facebook publish post features, but the permissions to post content on behalf of the user were not requested by the OneAll app so I'm getting an incorrect permission error. However, I can't change the permissions now that the account is linked. I tried unlinking and re-linking, but there was no place to change permissions. I can't remove the user from the user explorer so I can try again.
Please advise.


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited October 2017
    Hi Bren,

    it's in fact easier than that. If your app is asking for a permission that the user hasn't already granted in the past, Facebook will automatically re-display a popup asking for the additional permission. So you basically only need to enable the permission in the OneAll Facebook settings and then re-login with the account using OneAll Social Login.

    Please note that in order to request the publish_actions permission for a user, you must first ask Facebook for this permission. You can do this in the App Review pannel of your Facebook app.

    If Facebook has not granted your app that permission, then users will not be asked for that permission when they log in and the only person that you will be able to post for is the owner/creator of the app.

    So what probably happens in your case, is that publish_actions has not been approved for your Facebook app, and you are logging in with a Facebook account that is not the owner/creator of the app and so you aren't being asked to grant the permission.



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