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New users on website automatically approved

I have set up my wifes website using OneAll and so far all is good... however.... When a user connects from faqcebook, their account is automatically approved in Joomla. I need to be able to control who joins the site and wanted to approve each new user. I have set this in the Users section of Joomla, but OneAll appears to override these settings. Is there a way of correcting this please?


  • Hi Neil,

    could you please tell us which version of Joomla you are using?

  • Hi Claude, yes certainly, the site is running joomla 3.7. I have implemented a workaround and created a user group called pre-registered. New users go into that one then I manually add them to the registered content. I still haven't found a way of having them u approved though. Additionally, I don't get new user registration emails either.
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