Not receiving email from twitter login

I've followed the instructions for setting up twitter so that the "Request email addresses from users" box is checked, but we are still not receiving the email address. See screenshot:

Is there anything else that needs to be set up or enabled to retrieve the email addresses from twitter?

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  • The problem ended up resolving itself. I think it just took awhile for the settings to work after I updated them to retrieve the email address. Thanks!
  • Hey I am having the same problem. When I have it auto register users if they use the social login the email isnt coming over and I only get the fake email they make up. I want to be able to auto register users with social login and capture their email in the process but im stuck. Any solutions?
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    please go to your Twitter apps here:

    Then open the "Permissions" panel of your app and make sure this option is checked: Request email addresses from users
  • It is already checked off. I did that about 5 days ago and still not getting the email back.
  • Hi Kate,

    please make sure that you have filled out the Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL in the the app settings. Otherwise Twitter will not return the user's email address.

    We will also add that mention to our setup guide!

    Best Regards,

  • Hey,
    Those have been filled out as well. Still not getting a return for email.

  • Hi Kate,

    I now had a look at your account logs.

    The first connection from Twitter did not include an email address.
    The last connection however did include the email.

    So I think that it should work now.

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