Error returned when trying to post to a Facebook Page

I have a process that reads the Facebook pages available to a user. It looks for a specific page and then will post to that page, using that pages page_token and the Providers/facebook/pages/publish.aspx endpoint. I'm able to retrieve the page_token fine, so I know that manage_pages and other facebook settings/permissions are correct.

When I try to publish, the API returns a 500 error with the following description:

"An unknown error has occurred while trying to post your message. Please try again in a few minutes"

Anyone else have this issue?


  • UPDATE: So I've narrowed the issue down to using the link properties in the request. Is there documentation anywhere that specifies what properties are supported for each provider? I get the same error when trying to post to the provider sharing API, so it appears to be an issue with the Facebook connector for that API endpoint.


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