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Login is redirecting to the main page instead of the requested URL

edited January 2018 in Joomla!

I have activated the option that requires the users to login into the website to have full access to blog posts.

I have an issue when trying to access a post throught its address. When I try to access any post, for example:

Then, website is redirecting to the login webpage:

When I log into the website as a member (typing an username and password), I can login successfully, AND it redirect automatically to the blog post url I had requested, which is:

BUT, when I log into the website using OneAll Social Login buttons, it doens't redirect to the URL requested, it redirects to the main page, which is:

How to setup the OneAll Social buttons to redirect to the correct page requested?

I'm running Easyblog 5.1.15 and Joomla 3.8.2.



  • I'm running Easyblog 5.1.15 and Joomla 3.8.2
  • Hi there? Any suggestions??
  • Hi there? No answer after 3 days? Is that the standard support?
  • Hello,

    this is the community support forum, we guarantee no response times here.
    Response times are only guaranteed for paying customers through our ticket system.

    I also see that one of our developers has already answered your questions through our ticket system.

    Best Regards,
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