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LoudVoice Authors Photo for Twitter are too Small

It appears the default size for social avatars is 48x48 for loudvoice. However, I noticed for twitter that the API is pulling the mini 24x24 twitter profile image when it should be pulling the normal 48x48 image.



  • Hi Ryan,

    thank you for the bug report, this error should now be fixed!
    Please note that the user needs to re-login in order to display the new avatar.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Claude,

    It's still loading the 24x24 twitter image. I posted a "twitter test" a moment ago on the demo and same behavior:

    It also displays the 24x24 twitter image in Authors Moderation in the OneAll dashboard.

    I even deleted an author manually in the dashboard to see if that would make a difference but still the same results with a 24x24 image being fetched from twitter.
  • Hello,

    could you please open our demo and do a logout/login and then post another test?

  • edited January 16
    Nice it's working now on the demo. :)

    It's not working live on my site though. I'm assuming you were testing it on the demo first?

    Thanks, Claude.
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