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WP plugin not working with Facebook and Google anymore

I've been using Social Login for years but suddenly it is not working on my blog ( for me and other users in multiple browsers when we try to log in with FB or Google. Twitter works. It logs us into the homepage, but when we click on a post, we are no longer logged in. When we try to log in to comment on that post, it goes through the login process but when we return to the current page, we are not logged in. If we return to the homepage, we are still logged in. This has been happening for a few days for several people at least. I've cleared cookies, checked all the social media keys (re-did them all, too) and still I am having the problem.


  • Comment: I've had to remove the plugin from my site for now because it's just not working anymore and I suspect also that it was slowing the site down a lot, though it didn't initially. I hope I can get this figure out, because I really liked the plugin and it worked for me for a long time.
  • Hello,

    could you please renable the plugin? I will then have a closer look!

    Some of our users have indeed experienced performance issues.
    We are aware of that issue and we are currently working on it.
    It should already be better now ;)
  • Hi Claude, I'll do that right now. Thank you.
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