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Resource Limit is reached

When users try to login to my site they get an error message suggestion "Resource Limit is reached" or alternatively an error "404". I have recently changed from http to https - would this have anything to do with this issue?


  • Hi Joe,

    could you please post a link to your website?
    I will have a look!

  • Thank you Claude.

    The site is

    Also once this issue is resolved, I would like to add social login buttons above the comments on Wordpress posts insead of below. Can you advise if this is possible and if so how do I do this.

  • I have removed you plugin and will be closing my premium account. Your response rate is far from satisfactory.
  • Hi Joe,

    as far as I can see I send you a personal answer the same day as you posted the question.
    Didn't you receive that email?

  • You have raised the same question in our ticket system. Here what we (Damien) answered less than hour after having received the ticket:

    Hi Joe,

    I didn't get the error "Resource Limit is Reached" nevertheless for the 404 error, did you set a value for "Where should users be redirected to after having logged in with Social Login on the login page?" setting ?

    The login is done correctly because I can see the logout link in your header but you're just redirect to an inexisting page of your blog (this link for my part "" and it should be "" to be redirect to the user profile page).

    Best regards,

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