Windows Live Login

After logging in with Windows Live a user sees the following warning below. It looks very excessive and plain discouraging for anyone to continue. Is there a way to reduce the number of permissions displayed to a bare minimum that is actually needed to login (name, email) ? Thank you

Let this app access your info?

This app needs your permission to:

  1. View your profile info and contact list
    This app will be able to see your profile info, including your name, gender, display picture, contacts, and friends.

  2. Access your email addresses
    This app will be able to see the email addresses in your profile.

  3. Sign in automatically
    Signing in with your Microsoft account will automatically sign you in to this app.


  • Hi Nick,

    you can change the requested scope/permission in the settings of your OneAll site under

    Social Networks \ Windows Live \ Manage requested data.

  • Hi Claude,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I made sure that in the OneAll settings all that's checked:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Formatted Name
    Email Address (Verified)
    Preferred Username

    However, the warning window adds gender, display picture, contacts, and friends, just as written in the previous email. Could not see anything in the Microsoft developer account either. Any other suggestions? Thanks

  • edited April 2018

    Hi Nick,

    Microsoft has only three scopes. So you unfortunately cannot specifically select which values to request. They always come in groups.

    Here the scopes:

    Read access to a user's basic profile info. Also enables read access to a user's list of contacts.

    The ability of an app to read and update a user's info at any time. Without this scope, an app can access the user's info only while the user is signed in to Live Connect and is using your app.

    Single sign-in behavior. With single sign-in, users who are already signed in to Live Connect are also signed in to your website.

    As soon as you tick any of the fields, the scope wl.basic will be requested and adds gender, display picture, contacts, and friends.

    If you don't want this message to appear, you have no other choice than disabling all of the options.

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