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Facebook Login Error

I'm receiving emails that users can't login using Facebook because "Social Plugin is not correctly configured for Facebook". I've logged in to OneAll and saw the notice below:

"Facebook will soon enforce the security of their API. We have already updated our services, but you need to make a small change to the settings of your Facebook app.
Please have a look at the Social Networks \ Facebook panel of your Sites for further instructions. Thank you for your comprehension."

The Social Networks \ Facebook panel offers no further instructions.

When I tried to login via my own Facebook account, I received this error: "Could not extract access token, Error validating client secret."

I've checked the App ID and the App Secret, and after seeing that they were correct, I reset the App Secret and the issue persists.


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    Hi Colin,

    you have a yellow message in the "Social Networks \ Facebook" panel ;) There is also a button to get more information.

    Strict Redirect URI Matching - During March Facebook will make a security update to the API. We have already updated our platform, but you need to make a small change to the settings of your Facebook app. This quick modification will improve the security of your app and ensure that everything continues to work as expected.

    Could you please post a link to your website?
    I will have a closer look.

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